First International Workshop on
Next Generation 3D City Models

Bonn, Germany | 21-22 June 2005


The workshop will take place in Bonn, Germany. Workshop site is the club of the University of Bonn situated next to the Rhine river with a scenic view.

Universitätsclub Bonn e.V.
Konvikstr. 9
53113 Bonn

Look here for a map of Bonn.

Welcome to Bonn

A history of more than 2000 years has given the city most varied facets.

The city of Bonn and the River Rhine - looking south

Historical sights, highlights of art to be admired at the different houses of the Bonn Museum Mile, picturesque impressions along the romantic Rhine, the international life or the political life of Bonn and much more.

The history of the city dates back to Roman times. About 10 BC the Romans constructed a bridge across the Rhine close to a place called "Bonna". After the Roman defeat in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest this small camp was enlarged to become a fort for 7000 legionnaires.

In 1949 it became the capital of West Germany. The choice of Bonn was made due to the advocacy of Konrad Adenauer, who was from near Cologne. The German reunification in 1990 made Berlin the nominal capital of Germany again.

Historical town hall and market
Beethoven's memorial

The city's development into a major centre for information technology and telecommunications probably is the city's most remarkable achievement. Deutsche Telekom AG., and its subsidiary T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH, are Bonn-based global players and Deutsche Post World Net is located at the city too. Deutsche Welle, the German international TV and radio service, broadcasts world-wide information via radio, TV and Internet.

The Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn is one of Germany's largest universities and ranks among the country's institutions that are richest in tradition. It sees itself as an international research university oriented on collaboration and focal areas of activity. The university employs around 530 professors and 2,000 non-academic staff. More than 5,000 of its 38,000 students come from abroad. The university hosts one of Germany's largest GIS clusters including the GIS technology center.

The United Nations flag has flown in Bonn for more than 50 years. From 1996, however, the number of United Nations organizations and their staff rapidly increased, making Bonn a 'UN city on the Rhine'. About 500 people work for the 12 United Nations organizations, programmes or offices located in the city.

University of Bonn - main wing and park
Clemensruh Palace (Poppelsdorfer Schloss)

Fotos by Michael Sondermann, public relation office of Bonn. Portions of above text are taken from the official homepages of the city of Bonn and the University of Bonn.