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Kusche, Jürgen / Springer, Anne:
Parameter Estimation for Satellite Gravity Field Modeling
In: Naeimi, Majid / Flury, Jacob (Hg.): Global Gravity Field Modeling from Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking Data. 2017, S. 1-34.
Springer, Anne / Eicker, Annette / Bettge, Anika / Kusche, Jürgen / Hense, Andreas:
Evaluation of the Water Cycle in the European COSMO-REA6 Reanalysis Using GRACE
In: Water, 2017, Heft 9(4), S. 289, doi:10.3390/w9040289.
Wahle, Kathrin / Staneva, Joanna / Koch, Wolfgang / Fenoglio-Marc, Luciana / Ho-Hagemann, Ha / Stanev, Emil:
An atmosphere-wave regional coupled model : improving prediction of wave heights and surface winds in the Southern North Sea
In: Ocean Science, 2017. Jg. 2017, Heft 13, S. 289-301.

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